50 User Plan

With up to 50 extensions, The 50 Plan caters for mid-sized businesses that require a full- featured PBX business phone system and business VoIP solution, without the cost and hassle of traditional hardware-based alternatives.

The 50 Plan includes all premium Hosted PBX and VoIP standard features, and offers customers the ability to customize their shared usage plan across all users in all locations.

Additionally, value added services can be configured to meet your requirements, and to offer more capabilities at extremely competitive rates. For a full list of features, click here

Why 50?

The 50 Plan is a Premium plan that enables larger companies to realize additional cost savings based on shared usage across the enterprise. This pricing model provides customers flexibiity and scalability in order to maximize cost and operational efficiency.

What's Included?

All Hosted PBX and VoIP standard features

Up to 50 extensions with one or many phone numbers and DIDs

FREE network minutes and CHOICE of shared usage options including pay-as-you-go, pre-paid discounted minutes or UNLIMITED domestic minutes

Burstable Call Paths

30 day money back guarantee

Free Consultation