Server Plan

The Server Plan is ideal for growing companies of all sizes that are looking for a full featured PBX and business VoIP solution, without the cost and hassle of premise based hardware alternatives.

The Server Plan features a dedicated server or a cluster of servers running the reliable and capable Asterisk PBX software and managed by PBX Authority for you.

With us managing the PBX servers for you at our carrier facilities, you get all the latest features and functions, better scalability, redundancy and business continuity, without the headaches of managing a phone closet. For a full list of features, click here

Why Server Plan?

The Server Plan is a Premium plan that offers a perfect replacement option for legacy installed PBX systems. Eliminate the hardware and software costs, not to mention the on-site PBX maintenance contracts, and realize all the quality, capabilities and value of managed communication services. This plan is perfect for companies with one or multiple offices, mobile workers and unique feature requirements.

What's Included?

All Hosted PBX and VoIP standard features and more including ability to connect to third party technologies such as Outlook, and Sugar CRM.

Unlimited number of users*

Configurable web based control panels for one or many users

FREE network minutes and CHOICE of shared usage options including pay-as-you-go, pre-paid discounted minutes or UNLIMITED domestic minutes

Call Recording function*(Up to 50GB) and Call Conference bridge services*

Comprehensive loadbalancing and redundancy management

Server maintenance and administrative services

* Up to 1500 End Points, and 200 concurrent calls*

* Up to 20 concurrent recorded calls per server

* Simultaneous conference users depend on available concurrent call paths

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