Metered Enhanced Plan

PBX's SIP Trunk - Metered Enhanced offers more value than typical SIP Trunk services. Included with your PBX SIP Trunk service is a built in PBX fail over feature. For instance, if your PBX in your phone closet fails, or your broadband connection is lost for any reason, our PBX in the cloud can be configured to automatically handle and route your calls until your PBX or connection is fixed. You can pre-configure the fail over service, and you'll have full access to self-manage and configure call routing, extensions, voicemail boxes, groups, and auto attendants.

$21.95 / mo.

What's Included?

Better than old style POTs or PRI lines

Significant cost savings

Competitive domestic outbound calling (US and Canada)

Eliminate multiple providers for mulit-office locations

Redundancy options not typically available from traditional carriers

Pre-configurable PBX fail over service. Re-route to our PBX in the cloud, another office, an IP phone you manage, or your cell phones

Self managed call routing, extensions, voicemail boxes, groups, and auto attendants

Peer one or multiple SIP phones with our fail over feature

Utilize existing equipment

Operates with legacy CPE through a simple VoIP gateway device

24/7 Network Operations Center

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